Saturday, May 29, 2010

What to do what to do....

Since the begining of the year when I first started thinking about WLS I have had set in my mind the lap band. So that is all I have researched, never did it cross my mind to even consider the gastric by pass, never until today.
We went to a friends party today & I mentioned to her I was in the process of getting banded soon. She told me about her sister in law whom I know, and even though I had noticed she (the sil) had lost a lot of weight it didn't even cross my mind that she had had any surgery done. I come to find out she had the gastric done. She has lost a lot of weight and as a matter of fact just recently had a baby & right after the baby she was able to loose all the weight.
So now that I know someone personaly that has had it done I am interested in finding out more about it and seeing if that is for me. Since all I have been researching is the lap band that is mostly all I haqve seen as far as blogs & vlogs.
Has anyone had the bypass?
And the ones with the band... what made you decide to do the band instead of the bypass?
I really need some imput please.


  1. My mom had RNY bypass so I kind of got to see 1st hand some of the effects. She lost a lot of weight fast, which is cool but that came with complications. She had to have her gall bladder removed and has developed an intolerance to anything with sugar.

    I chose the band because there is no dumping syndrome (sugar doesn't bother me), no re-rerouting of the intestines or cutting of the stomach, it's reversible unlike the bypass, and it can be adjusted over time without another surgery.

    My mom can eat more than she used to be able to so she really has to be careful not to stretch her pouch. Another friend of mine gained back all her weight after RNY and now has to have a revision surgery because her pouch is stretched.

    The malabsorptive nature of the RNY was a turn-off to me as I see how many vitamins my mom has to take daily (at least 10) just to be sure she is not malnourished. I have other health issues that malnutrition would aggravate so that was probably one of my biggest reasons for getting the band.

    I hope this helps. Whatever choice you make for you, we will be here to support you! :)

  2. One thing that I thought was important was with the band you can get the salene taken out is if you get pregnant you can nourish two and have a healthy pregnancy. So if you want to have kids someday, the band may be the best choice

  3. I did a lot of research before my band surgery to see whether the bypass or the band was right for me. The doctors were pushing me for bypass but I wanted the adjustability of the band AND it was about half the price.

    But the adjustability of the band comes with its own issues - you have to go back for adjustments. My doc recommends one visit per month for the first year. Those visits aren't usually included in the surgery costs and if you are self-pay, these can start to add up quickly.

  4. Thank you ladies for your replies. I had an appointment with the new Doc today and we talked about the band, bypass, & sleeve. I am staying with the band. :)

  5. I was at his office yesterday as well (for a fill)...

    I decided on the band because the bypass surgery is to drastic in my eyes. I did not like the idea to have part of my "inside" removed and reorganized. Lap-Band is a simple procedure with less risks and complications and if at any point in my life want to have the band removed it is possible to do so. I also like the fact that the band can be adjusted (much better for the long term) because I do not only want to lose the weight but want to keep it off.

    Glad you came up with a decision and hopefully you will soon join us in Lap-Band-Land :-)