Friday, May 7, 2010

Tonight I realized my son is ashamed of me...

I know he loves me dearly, there is no doubt about that. And to be honest in all the 4 years of his life I have been heavy, and never had he made a remark or avoided me or anything. But tonight while I was going thru youtube videos of people whom had done WLS I came acroos this one of a lady which had a pix and she was like 420 lb then it showed her pix now and she's down to 250 or so and my son tells me "why don't you do that?" so I said do what and he says do that like her not be fat no more. OH MY!!! That totally broke my heart. I know he didn't mean it in a bad way at all. But still it hurt. So with that said starting now I am not having no more junk food, no soda, no fast food. T.I'm going to try to loose as much as I can before the surgery and then after the surgery keep to it and loose the rest.
For me...
For my health...
But most important...
for my kids!!!


  1. Coco,
    I just learned about your newest blog after reading a comment you left on Facebook. Mujer, let me just say that I am SO proud of you! Blogging about your weight loss journey takes a lot of guts. Trust me I know! I have a weight loss blog too at

    My youngest son is doing the same thing yours is. Jack actually thinks I'm stronger than John Cena because my arms are so fat! Carajo muchachito! :)

    Te deseo lo mejor y muchisima suerte. Abrazos. Y recuerda, eres una mujer muy bonita por dentro y por fuera. Todos te quieren como estas. Abrazos.

  2. It is embarrasing for me posting my weight & stuff, pero sabes I figured if I'm going to do this I better start from the begining of my journey :) I am planning on doing weekly you tube videos too. I have seen so many and they really encourage me and helped me too, so I want to be able to do the same for someone in the future.

    So funny about your son and John Cena hehe. My son is a fan of all of them wrestlers, I myself am a big fan of Randy Orton :)

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