Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So frustrated!!!!

So after all the test I've had already, all the clearences I've gotten. I was really hoping for a June surgery, and today I find out that I actually need $3,900 before the surgery date not $3,000. It was bad enough I was stressing over the 3 grand, and now it's almost 1 more. That right there is for the after care, and it must be payed upfront. AND not only that but I still have to pay a copayment of like $3000, so all in all I need $7,900 to do it. I know some ppl have actually paid upfront all of it. But I we don't have that money. So all my dreams and hopes are slowly fading away. I have been taking so much time off work to do all these test, for a surgery I might not have any more. Loosing all thos hours of work, to not be able to get it done because I don't have the money for it. That's just not right. :(

I have been online all evening researching another doctor about 2 hrs away from where I live, I will be calling his office tomorrow to see what my copay or other charges would be with him. Hopefully it is way less and he is able to get all my files from the other doc and we can go thru him.

So frustrated!!!
Pleasew say a lil prayer for me that things work out at this new office.

Thank you all!


  1. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with your insurance copays. What a bummer. I had to wait almost two years for my surgery before I got it approved - two different appeals. I was lucky in that it only cost me about $500 total - but I had to wait a long time.

  2. that really sucks. Hope the new dr will be way cheaper and a better fit for you


  3. Wow, $7900.00, that's more than people pay without insurance. I know several banded bloggers who got banded in Mexico for like $4-5 grand. I hope things work out, so frustrating!

  4. Hang in there!

    I wouldn't totally discount the idea of using a doctor in Mexico. We've got some bloggers (as tessierose said) that were banded in Mexico for under $5K. I researched it myself when we were having a difficult time getting insurance approval and most of the packages include airfare.

    My surgeon commented once that people getting banded in Mexico should be careful because surgeon's in the US won't be legally able to do adjustments if you don't have a FDA approved band. So if you do look into it and go that route, just be sure you're getting a Realize Band or Lap-Band.

    Good luck checking out this second local surgeon!!

  5. Good luck with the second surgeon! Will definitely be praying for good new for you.

  6. Oh no! Prayers are being said...
    Hang in there girl.

  7. Sorry about that news.
    I will definitely add you to my prayer list.
    Good Luck.

  8. Thank you all so much! I will post a blog on how it went with the new doctor :)

  9. I'm sorry! That really stinks.