Thursday, May 13, 2010

Test test and more tesr

I attended a mandatory class today for the surgery, the nurse talked to us about all the complications that could happen both with the lap band & the gastric, she talked about the gas, getting stuck, the band slipping & stuff, very informative.
There was this one girl there that had the band done a couple of years ago, but for some reason it didn't work on her. So she's getting the bypass done now.... that gets me scared. What if I am one of the ones that the band just doesn't work for me??? Very very scary.
After that I had my pshyc evaluation, then after that I had the sleep counsultation. Based on all the questions and stuff from there the doc thinks I have sleep apnea. So I will be having a sleep test done on Tues eve. I have to be there at 9:30pm and spend the night till about 6am the next day. We will see how that goes. I doubt I will be able to sleep knowing I am being watched hehe!
So now all I need is that sleeo study test, then I see the dietician on June 8, and I should be set from there. Oh one major thing hehe I still need to come up with my copayment which is $3,000 so once I have that too I will be ready.

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  1. Ay amiga! You are one step closer! I will be praying that all goes well and that you can raise the 3,000.