Saturday, May 8, 2010

On a roll...

Kids & I are doing great in trying to get healthy :) Today we decided that yes we can still go to Mc Donalds, BUT we will NOT have hamburgers nor fries. We will have salads :). I had told them that since tomorrow is Mother's day and it's my day so I get to choose were we go out to eat, that I choose Chuck E Cheeses, since I am a mother due to the fact that they were born. Therefor we are celebrating all of us kuz without them I wouldn't be a mom :)

So my son Julian says "But pizza makes us fat" Good boy :)
So I said "That's why we are having Salad"
They loved the idea.

On to other notes, my friend Leslie whom I met thru our other blogs is now following me here :) I just yesterday made it known that I have this other blog, so finally I get to write so other people can read me :) YAY!! I wasn't sure if I would make it known that I was here or even follow people. But I decided to follow so I can also be followed and thus this way get support from all my new friends I will be making, and the ones I already have.

Leslie gave me an idea, well ok I am stealing 2 ideas from her blog.
1~ make goals
2~ measure self

So by Monday I will post on my new goals & my measurments!

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  1. Good for you amiga! I love that you and your kids are making healthy choices. I was reading another weight loss blog and he has a list of fast food menus with the nutritional values, so you know what you can order when you get fast food! :)

    Ya no me siento tan sola en este desafio! :)