Monday, May 24, 2010

YAY!!! So over the weekend I was blessed with more followers :)
Thank you all!!!

So this past weekend the hubby and I attended a X5 for our godaughter Jenny. We baptized her when she was 3 yrs old, as a matter of fact we baptized her and her youngest sister Jazmin that day. Since then we have been the godparents for her oldest sister Vanessa for her first communion 2 yrs ago, and next year we will be the ninos for her 3rd sister Cindy's first communion. We were her padrinos de Honor for her X5 this weekend, and next year we will be for Cindy and the year after for Jamzin. Their mother got together with this one guys who has a 5 yr old son, whom we baptized a few weeks ago. So we are ninos to all 5 of them now.

Ok so now you are probably like what does all thgis have to do with anything right hehe.

Ok well here it goes, all these years, all these times we've been their godparents every single time, I have been the big nina. ok ok I will say it, the fat nina :( Next October will be Cindy's X5 my goal is to be the skinny nina this time.

Well first off before that next May is my son's 1st Communion and I do hope I get to be the skinny mom for that too.

When I say all these years I've been the fat nina I so mean it. Example 3 years ago hubby & I came out on his cousins wedding and I wore a gold dress...
Fast forward to 3 yrs later (this X5 I'm talking about) and well being that the economy sucks at the moment I did not buy me a new dress for this occasion. I wore the same dress I did 3 years ago, and yes it fit me. So as you can see these last 3 years I've still been the fat nina!

It totally sucks!!!

I really do hope I get the band soon, I have been able to loose weight on my won all these years, but I can never keep it off. i gain what ever I lost and then some back.

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