Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1st appointment

So today I finally went to my first appointment to Dr. Billy's office. I went to the seminar a couple of months ago but for some reason or another I hadn't had a chance to finally come out and see them.
First I got weighed in, then one of the nurses spoke with me and gave me lots of info, and walked me thru the process of what needs to be done before I can even get a surgery date.
I am going to need to have a echo stress test done, and lucky me I already have that scheduled for tomorrow with Dr. Guapo (Dr. Shaun Patel) My daughter calls him Dr. Guapo kuz he is so handsome :) So this is one test I can cross of my huge list hehe! The next step is to have an Upper GI Scan, and an abdominal ultrasound done. Then I have to go for a psych council & sleep council, and with the dietitian. Hopefully they can all see me soon.
So excited about this journey :)