Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good news on the new doctor!

So you have probably heard about Beverly Hills Physicians for the lapband. Atleast here in So Cali it's on all the radios. I went to their website and was reading about the different physicians they have, so I went on and searched for a couple of them, and on one of them Dr. Feiz there's quite a few ppl that have gone thru him, even though theres also one patient who ended up having to have taken it out due to an infection, she still raves about how great he is. I am in the process of reading all of her blogs but am not done yet, as far as I know she was able to get it back a couple of months after that & she is doing great. I am not scared about that happening kuz that is something that can happen to anyone and stuff. I have read a lot of great reviews about him.
So I called his private practicem even though thru Beverly Hills I would only have to drive like 15 minuteds to theirOxnard facility, I would rather make the 2 hrs drive to Beverly Hills and see him at his private practice.
SO the good news is that with them I don't have to pay any out of pocket! YAY!!!
The only set back will be the drive but hey I would drive even farter to not have to pay all that money that I would of had too with this other doc.
Since I have already had everything done other than the dietician I am hoping that this goes by fast and that I am able to be a June bander :).
On Friday I have my dietician consultation, and I already signed the release form to have my file transferd to them.
I am so excited!

Thank you all for the prayers!


  1. looks like things are looking up for ya! I was banded last June (29) June is as good a month as any to change the rest of your life

  2. That is great news. Good luck with the pre approval process and I hope that you have your date, soon. :D

  3. It's nice to hear you have some good news. Keep us updated!! :)

  4. that's some great news! I drive 2 hours to my dr. It's not so bad- unless you get sick after your fill...then that's bad :)

  5. What great news! Hope everything continues to go well!

  6. That is fantastic news!! I too had trouble finding a Surgeon that didn't want to charge me $3000-$3500 extra out of pocket! And I too went about 2 hrs away to a Surgeon that didn't charge this extra fee!! You will be so much happier. It is worth the extra drive in my opinion.

    Thank you for Following me. I am giving a shout out to you. If you prefer me to take out your blog information, please let me know and I will delete it out!

  7. That's fantastic must be so relieved.
    Good Luck!

  8. AMAZING news! YAY! YAY! YAY! *happy dance*

  9. Lol yes I hear the announcements for that doctor's office all the time on my way to work! :) I'm happy you have good news!