Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ready for my preop liquid diet :)

So this is it! As of tomorrow I am only allowed to have liquids, I was told that I could have protein shakes, juices, water, soups (just the liquid), & broth.

I forgot to ask them if I have to be under x amount of calories, or how much protein per day.

How was your liquid diets? What did it consist of?

Since last Thursday I have been only having one meal a day & drinking protein shakes, water & isopure the rest of the day. I am actually shocked that I have been able to maintain that with only one meal, as I am usually a very very hungry girl :).

I have been drinking the Kellogg's strawberry protein shakes, they are yummy! I also drink the carnation breakfast powder ones blended with a banana.

I need ideas so I don't get bored of the same ones. I ordered a couple of samples of the chikes? I think that is what they are called, we are moving so I packed them already so I can't check on the name.

Only one more week till the surgery! I am so excited!


  1. oh and now the fun begins!
    I had to do 3 weeks of only 2 pints of skimmed milk and one yogurt per day so you sound like you have a bit more choice. I stuck to approx 750cals a day. But 1000 cals is about right.
    It's hard, I wont lie, but the reward at the end of it is SO worth it.
    Good luck, I will be thinking of you.
    And good luck for the surgery.

  2. mine was strictly Optifast shakes & bars for 10 days, i forget how many calories i was limited to :-( i agree with fiona, i won't lie either, it was difficult! but i stayed on course because i was terrified of not shrinking my liver enough & the doc not goig through w/ the surgery! :-) i was dying for something not sweet (i've never been much of a sweet eater) so i "cheated" with plain lettuce lol

    if you can have atkins shakes, the mocha latte ones are delicious! i just had one for breakfast :-)
    good luck!

  3. Ok, so this recipe may not be allowed, but I thought I'd share it with you.

    Peanut butter cup shake

    2 c crushed ice
    1 cup skim milk
    1/3 cup fat free dried milk
    1 packet Carnation chocolate breakfast mix
    1 spoonful smooth peanut butter (this is the ingredient not sure if you can have or not)

    Place everything in a blender, blend until smooth. Actually makes 2 large glasses of shake.

    If you can't have the peanut butter, then omit it and it will be a chocolate shake instead. Adding the dried milk not only adds the additional calcium, but adds protein as well. If you like the protein powders (which I don't), you can add a scoopful of it to the shake and it will add that much more protein. You could also add either a small spoonful of instant coffee or about 1/4 cup of chilled brewed coffee to give it a mocha flavor.

    You can do this same basic recipe, but switch up with strawberry Carnation packets to have a strawberry shake.

    Good luck with the liquid diet! You'll do great.

  4. how exciting!!! i'm so excited for you girl!! good luck with everything! can't wait to hear about the surgery! yay!

  5. WOW! I didn't realize you were that close! Good Luck!
    This blog has some AWESOME protein shake recipes! I am not sure you can have everything that is in them, but they are great!