Monday, June 14, 2010

Update :)

So finally my old doctor's office sent my new docotor's office my file. Now the waiting starts, they sent in my info on Friday to my insurance BCBS to see about getting the approval. So far everything the insurance requires has been met. The only other thing that I need to have done, and I believe this is per the doctor not the insurance, or who knows lol. All I know is that on the 29th the doctor will be performing an endoscopy (spelling?) on me.
I had an upper GI done by the old doctor, not sure if it serves the same purpose or not. All I know is that I will be sedated, this my friends is what scares me! I know that obiously for the surgery I have to be sedated also, and it also freaks me out there. I have had 2 C sections, but I have been wide awake for those, so this will be my first time ever to be sedated.
Have any if you ever had this done? Please do tell how it was.
Please, please, please, do say a lil prayer for me that the insuramce approves me & I can hopefully have my surgery in the next couple of weeks.
Thank you!


  1. I'm sure you will be approved, you'll see. :) i've never had those procedures, don't even know what they are really, but i've been put under before. i say, hey its better than being awake and feeling the pain. lol. you'll be ok. once you know what to expect, and i'm sure lots of ladies will tell you their experiences, you'll be ok. its the not knowing thats scary.

    congrats for making it this far. i hope to be where you in the coming months. you're on the right track!!!! good luck!!

  2. Never had the endoscopy. Being under for surgery was my first time. I was nervous, but it went really well. I don't remember a thing.

  3. No reason to worry about the Endoscopy... I was worried as well, but for no reason!

    You'll find a blog entry on my blog about it, I remember writing about it. Not sure if you'll have it at the same location or somewhere else.

    It only takes a couple of minutes... you won't remember a thing. They used propofol (sp?) and it was a pleasant "high"... It knocked me out for a couple of minutes and after the procedure I could not stop talking and was ready to party. Very weird stuff. Looking back it is kind of funny... nothing you should worry about.

    Your throat will be a little sore afterward but no pain or anything.

    If you are worried make sure to express it to the nurse/Dr.... I have a needle phobia and I was worried about the IV needle soooo much... I cried and had some male nurses hold my hands... I am a a total Baby when it comes to needles that have to go into my veins but nobody ever pushed me or forced me... they were all extremely caring and very understanding and very careful with their needles.

  4. I'm sure you'll do great...try not to's just a single step in an extremely long journey.