Friday, June 4, 2010

I am a slow reader...

Please do not Un follow me :)
I am halway thru finishing Drazil's blogs and found one where she says she unfollows ppl sometimes whom don't post or comment.

I am reading one by one each and everyones blogs, begining to end so it will take me time to get to each and everyone of you all.

So please don't think I am NOT interested in your blogs and delete me.

I will get to you all soon.


  1. HA - you're so funny! Don't worry!

  2. And OMG - you're crazy for reading my whole thing!

  3. LOL, I do the same thing. Shoot I'm so late. I'm still trying to get through Drazil. I try to do one at a time because I will get folk confused.

  4. Ay amiga! Como crees! There's no way that I'm going to un-follow you! :)

  5. Its hard to follow them all. I think I should quit my job so I can just do this!!

  6. omg i'm so bad at this. i honestly don't know how to keep up with all these blogs. and i'm not a big reader. and i'm so far behind on most blogs. lol so i'm in the same boat.