Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello everyone :)

First of all I apologize for not really posting or commenting on your posts. I have been a busy bee now that the kiddos are out of school, plus we are moving this weekend so I have been busy packing, and last but not least I had been stressing the surgery!
I am feeling much better now, I am not as scared or stressed. I had my endoscopy today and was sedated for that so now that I have been under even though it was only for like 15 minutes I am not stressing so much the surgery day when I will be under for the surgery, now that I know what to expect waking up from it. Yes I know it is totally different as I was only sedated today and for the surgery I will be under anesthesia (spelling ?)
We left this morning at 7am and hit traffic so I was 1/2 late, which was no problem since the anesthesiologist was really really late. It was 12:15pm by the time they took me in. All I remember is the nurse putting a blue plastic thing in my mouth and next thing I know I'm waking up in the recovery area, it was 12:40pm. Wow! That was so quick!
My throat still feels a lil weird but all in all I am feeling great!
I start my liquid diet on Thursday, we will see how that goes. A few months ago when I was first thinking about this I was like if I go thru with it the last few weeks I am going to pig out and eat everything in site, and honestly all this past week I haven't even been craving anything. Today since I went over there it was 4pm and I still hadn't had nothing to eat and I wasn't even hungry, so hubby asked me what I wanted to eat,where I wanted to go eat, and I told him take me home I will have some re fried beans. SHOCKER!!! He thought I would want to go to my fav place and eat there since I probably won't be able to eat that ever again. But no I am ready for my change.
Hope everyone is doing great! Once again thank you all for sharing your stories with us.


  1. My last sha-bang was Golden Corral buffet like 3 days before surgery! And never say never about your fav restaurant. Just keep things in check and eat your fav foods in moderation. You should never deprive yourself of the things/foods you love forever. Life is too short for that.

  2. I agree with Jess. Don't say that you won't eat there again, it will just be different when you do. You should still be able to eat the food you like-just less.

  3. well i'm proud of you. you have the right attitude. and its good to be so devoted, especially in the begining stages when its very important. but i agree with the girls. once we think something is off limits we screw ourselves mentally. nothing is off limits really. its all about making smarter choices and if you do indulge just remember only small amounts and get back on track the next day.

    that being said i will probably be like you when its time to get this done. usually when i start something like this i'm very devoted and stick to the plan. good news about this is, if you ever see yourself getting less devoted, you have your band to help keep you on track.