Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why are some people so negative & rude!!!

So I have unpacked more boxes and was able to find the wires needed to get my computer going, now I will be able to read all the blogs I am behind on and blog about my journey!

Let me start of by telling you all about a call I got today that really got me upset. I hadn't really told a lot of people about my surgery not because I was ashamed but because I really felt no need to let all my family now. A few weeks ago we made a trip up north to visit family and I did mention it to my sisters, they were all very supportive of me. I didn't tell the cousins just because I didn't want to go all in details about it since we were all enjoying the reunion.

So I get a call today from my cousin Tony and this is more or less how it went:
Tony: Hey Kuz'n you guys coming over this weekend? (Grandparents came to visit from Mex)
Me: no we won't be going I just had surgery and didn't feel like making the 5 hr drive.
Tony:oh yeah I heard you were going to get the band how are you feeling?
Me: I am feeling great I've lost 17 lbs already
Tony: So what happened kuz'n you to lazy to work out that you couldn't do it on your own

That was a real slap in the face! I don't remember exactly what I told him or how, but I do remember saying that I had to do what I knew was best for me & my family and that I know people are going to judge me but that I didn't care as the only people that mattered where my husband and my kids. I do remember telling him that if he can loose the weight on his own by doing excerise that I was proud of him for him to do it. (He's a big guy so he was NO reason why je should judge me!)
After I hanged up I was in tears. How can anyone be so cruel, who is he to think he can judge me!
This is why I really didn't wanna say anything to them up there! They are my family but I know how they are they are always talking about anyone & everyone.

On a better note I went to my post op today & my Doctor says all looks well. I go in 3 weeks for my 1st adjustment. I am feeling great. Didn't get any gas pain, just a lil pain on my port insicion. Oh the day after surgery my throath did hurt a lot. I had a hiatel hernia repaired so they say they had 2 tubes going down my throat. That explains the pain.

On much better news I am down 17.8lbs. :)


  1. people can be cruel, don't worry nobody knows what you have been through or what you are going through but you!!! There will be more negatives, but there will TONS more positive, look at what you have already lost!! wow good for you. There are tons of banded bloggers out there and you will get so much from them!! smile, you are on a great path :)

  2. That is so RUDE!! I can't stand folk like that who think that they have all the answers. Ugggh!! Do not let your folk upset you. You are doing what needs to be done on your own terms. You don't have to answer to any of them. You can please some of the folk some of the time, but you can't please them all. Please yourself first and the rest will fall in line. If not "eff" 'em!!

  3. I would have reached through the phone line and snatched him bald-headed! You don't have to explain or rationalize your decisions to anyone. You made the best choice for you, so never second guess yourself!

  4. Most people just don't understand. My brother said something similar when we told him that my mom and I were getting surgery, although it wasn't nearly as MEAN, just more ignornant. Something about how we must be addicted to food like he is addicted to smoking. I told him no I am not addicted to food, I diet and exercise and get NO RESULTS, I just need the band so that I can actually see results from all the hard work I do. If I had the same metabolism as my skinny friends, I wouldn't need the band, but I obviously don't. We educated him a great deal and he finally understands it.

    I am sorry you had to hear that, just remember these people are ignorant about these issues. I didn't tell many people and this is exactly why! People are rude!

  5. Total jerk and that is why only my immediate family know about me and the surgery! THIS IS NOT THE EASY WAY OUT!

  6. Sorry you have to deal with that. Try not to let it bother you...keep your eye on the prize.

  7. Your cousin is laboring under the misconception that diets work. They don't and if he's a big guy, he probably knows it.

    In a year, you'll be thin and he'll still probably be fat. I bet he reconsiders WLS then.

  8. Ay amiga! So sorry that your cousin was such a jerk. I hate it when family members say mean things, mostly out of ignorance. But know that you have lots of people behind you, cheering you on. Hugs! :)

  9. 95% of people have no idea what the heck that you are going through. I have heard the same thing time and time again, about taking the easy way out, and can't do it on your own and that is 100% B.S.!!

    EVERYTHING in your life has to change! It takes an amazing person to get the courage to step into an entire new you! The money, the stress, the emotions that come with it. Let's not forget my personal favorite PB's (you probably haven't experienced it yet but you will know when you do):P

    It's so much more than a diet, it's a 360 degree turn around to un-learning, and re-learning EVERYTHING in your life. :)

    Sweetie, hold your head high, and be pround of what you are doing, never let anyone tell you any different.

    Next time you see your cousin, you will be looking fabulous. Go shove a healthy bananna up his nose, twirl, and walk away. :) :P

  10. I get that kind of "advice" from people all the time, and honey... I'm more than 6 months out now. People ask me how much I've lost, what I eat, all kinds of questions and then follow it all up with talk about how I could have just done it on my own.

    I'm like... I HAVE done it all on my own. And I've gained it all back and then some all on my own too! I'm damn impressive all on my own!